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1969 newspaper article featuring the Cradle of Coaches.

An article on a speech given at Miami University by John Howard Griffin, author of "Black Like Me", on the dehumanization of African-Americans. Griffin, a white American, darkened his skin and shaved his head and recorded the ways he was treated…

A letter to the editor of the Daily News, signed 'A Southern White Protestant Democrat', mourning the deaths of civil rights activists and condemning communities for their failure to support the movement.

Front page of the Miami Student October 20, 1964, announcing a win for the Miami football team over Northwestern and a win for Miami student Bob Schul at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

The front page of the Miami Student April 13, 1965. Features an article on limited housing at Miami University.

The front page of the Miami Student April 30, 1965. Features article on perceptions of the Vietnam War at Miami University.

The front page of the Miami Student May 11, 1965. Features articles on Western College students, a lecture by David Bradley, town bars, and new telephone systems.

Pages from the Miami Student November 11, 1969. Includes multiple articles on perceptions of the Vietnam War.
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