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About the Archive

The Cradle of Coaches Archive

Eight archival boxes.

Miami University has been called the Cradle of Coaches. Each of the following was a Miami player and sometimes also a coach or assistant coach at Miami. The Archive includes playbooks, correspondence, memorabilia, photographs, posters, artifacts, and/or papers of:

  • Weeb Ewbank (coach of the Baltimore Colts [1954-1962] and New York Jets [1963-1973])
  • Paul Brown (coach at Ohio State [1941-43] and for the Cleveland Browns [1946-1962] and Cincinnati Bengals [1968-1975])
  • Carmen Cozza (coach at Yale [1965-1996])
  • Sid Gilman (coach of the Los Angeles Rams [1955-1960], San Diego Chargers [1961-1971], and the Houston Oilers [1973-1974])
  • Bo Schembechler (coach at Miami University [1963-1968] and the University of Michigan [1969-1989])
  • Randy Walker (coach at Miami University [1990-1999] and Northwestern University [1999- 2006])