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28 letters 2.jpg
28 folios. Laser-cut handmade flax paper. Three hole pamphlet binding in an accordion binding. Linen thread, handmade paper covers.
Edition of 40

"This book displays the 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet; each letter is laser-cut on a folio. The…

landscape with cows.jpg
Accordion fold, printed on one side to form ten pages. To the sheet are attached eleven leaves with the remaining text, also a folded leaf of plates in pocket behind the text. Linoleum cut by Ruth E. Fine. Edition of 150.

alpha botanical 1.jpg
"The students of ART 450 created this alphabet book of flora and fauna using the wood type at Miami University's Curmudgeon Press. Through hand sketching and carving, this piece was collaboratively made. This hand bound book was printed in the Spring…

alphabet book 1.jpg
Gouache illustrations, long stitch hard cover binding and drop spine box
No. 2 of 20

Illustrated at Bloodroot Press in gouache, printed by Alan Hillesheim at Digger Pine Press.

exquisit future 1.jpg
Made by graduate students of the Corcoran School of the Arts & Design with instructor Sarah McDermott, advisor Kerry McAleer-Keeler,

Letterpress, screen print, linoleum relief, Sintra plate carving. Bound in an accordion with a removable spine and…

Text is drawn from group interviews and written questionnaires conducted in 2001-2002.

bugs 1.jpg
Gift of the artist

Watercolor on found and altered pages from On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin, housed in a petri dish.

“#42 is part of a larger installation of 52 cells. Originally prompted by Charles DArwin’s 200th birthday, the installation began in…

circus 1.jpg
Embossings on heavy paper, issued in a portfolio containing all text, with slipcase

"Printed at Circle Press on J. Green RWS hand-made paper in a signed limited edition of seventy five copies and on Khadi pure rag-made paper in an unlimited…

crucial perimeter 1.jpg
400 pages. Mould-made Johannot paper. Laser engraved edges. Bound in embossed leather boards with coptic and Ethiopian binding techniques.
Edition of 20

"In this book Crucial Perimeter-1, I explore the dichotomy between what's inside a book and…
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