The Edgar Stillman Kelley Collection

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Below are only a few samples from the collection. Please visit the Western Archives at 16 Peabody Hall to view more books.

  • Stillman Kelley, Edgar. Chopin the Composer. New York and London, 1913.
  • Gherkens, Karl W. The Fundamentals of Music. Oliver Ditson Co., 1924.
  • Byron, Lord. Manfred. London, 1852.
  • Vance, Louisa. Pilgrimage of the Rose. Novello, Ewer and Co., London.
  • Gluck, Christian. Armide. London, 1777.
  • Gluck, Christian. Alceste. New York.
  • Kelley, Hermon Alfred. Kelley Family: A Genealogical History. Cleveland, OH, 1897.
  • Sonneck, O.G. Early Opera in America. New York, 1915.
  • Foote, Arthur. Modulation and Related Harmonic Questions. New York, 1919.
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