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Loaning Special Collections Materials for Exhibit

Occasionally Special Collections is approached by an outside institution wishing to borrow one or more of our items to include in an exhibit. There are all kinds of things to take into consideration when dealing with exhibit loan agreements - What is the current condition of the item? Is the item too fragile to be shipped or displayed? … Continue reading

Digital Collections Update & Digital Storytelling Projects

It wouldn't be my turn at writing a blog if postcards didn't come up, so here you go: all the postcards we had sent away to be scanned by a commercial company are now completed and returned to us. In total, we have 26,237 postcards from Ohio that have been digitized that we are now creating metadata for and adding to the Bowden Postcard Collection Online … Continue reading

From the Stacks: William Wattss Seats of the Nobility and Gentry (1786)

In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennett amusingly admits to her sister Jane that she may have begun to like Mr. Darcy just a bit more after visiting his grand estate at Pemberley. What's fascinating about this development in the novel, besides the hint at Elizabeth's more practical reasons for warming to the character of Mr. Darcy, is that she was able to visit the estate as a tourist, not as a particular guest of its owner. … Continue reading

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Our Spring 2015 exhibit will be titled The Ready Ones: American Children, World War II, and Propaganda. The exhibit will be guest curated by Katherine Wills, a graduate student in the History Department, and will run January 26 - May 15.

Our current and recent past exhibits are now available as digital stories in the style of the New York Times' Snow Fall project.

Announcing a new digital collection: the WMUB Archives, featuring student-produced radio and television programs from the late 1960s.