Month: March 2012

The Working Library of Louise Bogan (1897-1970), Poet and Critic

“How can we explain the places where we finally land, after inexplicable journeys, long boring holidays, years of misapprehension?” – Louise Bogan, Journey Around My Room: The Autobiography of Louise Bogan. Louise Bogan was a distinguished American poet and the poetry

Head’s Up: The Art of Freedom

Coming up next month is National Library Week (April 8-14) and one of the things we in the library community always observe during that week is the importance of intellectual freedom and the ongoing fight against censorship. But there is

From the Stacks: From the Library of Nicholas II

Ex libris as an art form has been around for at least six centuries. It usually takes the shape of an ornate paper bookplate pasted on the inside of the cover and identifying the owner of the book in an

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From the Stacks: Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin Abbott Abbott, the Arion Press edition.

I read Flatland so many years ago that I don’t remember most of the details of the story. I do remember that I was captivated by the idea of a two-dimensional world inhabited by geometric figures and their struggle to

From the Stacks: Maurice Boutet de Monvel

There are many diverse collections of materials found within the Walter Havighurst Special Collections. One such collection, The Edgar and Faith King Juvenile Literature Collection is home to over 10,000 children’s books, toys and games, and magazines printed from the