Month: June 2013

Native American Women Playwrights Archive: Spiderwoman Theater

The Native American Women Playwrights Archive (NAWPA) is a collection of original materials by Native women playwrights of the Americas. NAWPA hopes to identify playwrights, collect and preserve their work, try to make it widely known, and encourage performances and

Exhibit Crashing Special Collections: Making History Come Alive With My Exhibit “Domestic Memory”

I am a Miami University graduate student in the History department. My exhibit, “’Domestic Memory’: The Journals, Correspondence and Artifacts of Henrietta McGuffey Hepburn” opened this month in the Walter Havighurst Special Collections and will remain in the exhibit cases

Head’s Up: The Value of Special Collections

  “How much is it worth?” That’s often the first question we’re asked about materials in Special Collections, and when people ask that question they’re really asking about market value – the monetary value an item has in the marketplace.

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From the Stacks: A Leaf from the Gutenberg Bible

Last week, we brought out an assortment of materials from our collection to show to the visiting ‘Egypt Camp’ class. It is always a pleasure to see so many fascinating treasures on display, but for me there are few more