Month: March 2014

From the Stacks: Cosmos

This week I have chosen to highlight some of our astronomy books in Special Collections. The inspiration for this choice came from Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s current television show, Cosmos, A Space Time Odyssey. This series is a follow-up to Carl

Library Instruction and the Artist’s Book

In addition to many other activities, Special Collections is often host to a variety of classes and instruction sessions, usually led by our primary instructor, Librarian Kimberly Tully. While certain areas of study, such as history and literature, seem an

Soviet Children’s Book Illustration Reform: Vladimir Lebedev (1891-1967)

Vladimir Lebedev is considered the greatest reformer and the most prolific and successful children’s book illustrator in the Soviet Union. Many generations of Soviet and post-Soviet children were raised on the works of this brilliant and versatile painter. Illustration wasn’t

Cradle of Coaches Presentation Tour

In order to promote our collections here at the Walter Havighurst Special Collections, we are doing a presentation tour of the Cradle of Coaches Collection.  In the fall semester of 2013 we mounted an exhibit to promote and share our

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New Manuscripts in Special Collections

About a year ago, I wrote about our discovery of two uncatalogued manuscript leaves. Since then, we have hosted a paleography lecture to a class of French literature. Buoyed by positive feedback from the seminar and with intent to hold