Month: September 2015

Creative Codex: Exhibit Preparation

The fall exhibit in Special Collections, Creative Codex: Books as Art in the Walter Havighurst Special Collections, was created to harmonize with Miami University’s year of Creativity and Innovation. As the Preservation Librarian, I have spent countless hours assisting the

The Golden Age of Book Illustration

The Walter Havighurst Special Collections has a great collection of Children’s Literature, and since I began working here in June I have found myself outright bewitched by some of the illustrations I’ve seen.  In fact, materials from the “Golden Age” of book

Music and Theatre Manuscripts come to Special Collections and Archives

Since 2008 researchers of music and theatre have benefited from the generous donations of Mr. Larry Moore, a Miami University alumnus 68, MA 70. Mr. Moore, a New York-based freelance arranger and orchestrator, has been praised by the New York

Miami vs. Presbyterian: Bo Schembechler

To celebrate the start of the 2015 College Football Season, and Miami’s season opener against Presbyterian College, I wanted to talk a little about a member of the Cradle of Coaches who spent time at both schools, Bo Schembechler. Schembechler

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