Month: July 2013

New Online Exhibit: A Gift of History

I am excited to announce the release of our first wholly digital exhibit: A Gift of History! This exhibit features the original 19th century Miami annuity rolls which were donated by Margaret Sue Strass to the Myaamia Heritage Museum and

The John H. James Collection: A Nineteenth Century Life Uncovered

We’re happy to announce that the processing of the John H. James Collection, one of our largest manuscript collections, has been completed and finding aids for the collection are now available online.  The finding aids were written by two of

From the Stacks: The Great Detective

One of the pleasures of summer reading – or of any season for that matter – is settling in with a quirky but capable detective who will unravel the tangled threads and right the wrongs of modern life. Who better

From the Stacks: The Cradle of Coaches and Sid Gillman

Sid Gillman is considered by many to be the “Father of the Passing Game.”  While Gillman did not invent the forward pass, his views and concepts were years ahead of his time.  The principles used by Gillman are still in

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