Month: February 2012

Head’s Up: On the 20th Century

To those of us of “a certain age,” the 20th century seems like yesterday. But to Miami students, and increasingly to Miami faculty, it is an era worthy of historical research. This presents something of a challenge for Special Collections

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From the Stacks: Polydore Vergil’s Anglicae Historiae (Basel, 1534)

Rediscovered recently during a cataloging project, this 16th century gem of a volume is Polydore Vergil’s Anglicae historiae (History of England) printed in Basel, Switzerland in 1534 by Johann Bebel.  Vergil, an Italian historian, was commissioned directly by King Henry VIII

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“In a fir tree; all day long,
 cracking nuts, it sings a song” : Russian squirrels of Special Collections

As I was looking through materials for the exhibit on Russian children’s book illustration, I came across a surprising number of squirrels in the illustrations. One of the images is now on most of the promotional materials for the exhibit.

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From the Stacks: Please Plant This Book

The Walter Havighurst Special Collections is home to over 65,000 volumes, manuscripts and archives. Some of the volumes are rare, some are unique; all are special in some way. All of us who work in Special Collections develop attachments to

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