Month: August 2013

The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom 1963

In honor of the fiftieth anniversary of The March on Washington we want to call attention to our copy of Speeches by the Leaders: The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. This publication was printed by the NAACP in

Cradle of Coaches: A Legacy of Excellence

This fall in the Walter Havighurst Special Collections will be an exhibit honoring Miami University’s Cradle of Coaches.  The term “Cradle of Coaches” was coined by Bob Kurz in 1959, due to the number of successful football coaches from Miami

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Preservation Measures: Encapsulation

One of the main responsibilities of the Walter Havighurst Special Collections is to ensure continued access to the materials in the collection. One way we achieve this is through various preservation measures to ensure the physical well being of the

Morgan’s Raid through Ohio

One hundred and fifty years ago, in July of 1863, Confederate General John Hunt Morgan led 2400 troops across the Ohio River and for three weeks terrorized citizens as he moved eastward through  Indiana and Ohio. “Morgan’s Raid” produced the