Month: June 2015

Special Collections First Curator

As the department began to pull together materials for our exhibit for Alumni Weekend, Miami and Oxford in the 1960s, I looked through some old files for images of Alumni Library. I found some wonderful photographs that were taken in the

A Thursday discovery: Brezhnev poster

As the Slavic Librarian and the Cataloger, I get to spend one day each week in Special Collections, mostly cataloging Slavic materials in the de Saint-Rat collection, occasionally helping with other materials or tending the desk. I enjoy and am

Hail and Farewell (along with proof that 80’s hairdos were the worst)

One of the realities of growing older is witnessing profound changes in the world as well as in one’s personal life. When I started working at Miami as a newly-minted professional librarian in November 1984, there were print collections on