Month: April 2012

Head’s Up: The End is the Beginning

I can always tell it’s the end of the school year by my level of fatigue, and this year is no exception. But otherwise it’s hard to believe that we’ve reached Finals Week and another class of students will soon

From the Stacks: “Officers” by Anton Denikin

After the Russian Revolution, 1917-1921, many protesters of the new Soviet government left Russia, hoping for its fall. France was one of the more popular places for officers of the fallen anti-bolshevik White army, writers, artists, gentry, and intellectuals. Two

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Run Spot Run with Dick and Jane

Books from the Edgar and Faith King Juvenile Literature Collection frequently trigger pleasant memories from my childhood. The Dick and Jane Basic Readers from the King Collection hold a special place in my heart. I loved books long before I

E.A. Seguy, Insects, and the Art of Pochoir

E.A. Seguy was an artist and designer active in Paris during the first three decades of the 20th century. Very little is known about him, even his actual name and birth/death dates are in dispute. During my search for more