Permission to Publish Materials from the Library

Statement of Policy on Rights and Permissions

Permission to publish* materials from the collections of the Walter Havighurst Special
Collections and University Archives in print or online may be requested by contacting William Modrow

There is no fee for the use of quotations or for citing materials from the collection. 

It is the policy of the Walter Havighurst Special Collections to charge a fee for the publication of each original and/or rare item from its collections. Publication fees are separate from all reproduction costs and are payable prior to publication. Fees are for non-exclusive, one-time use of a single image unless otherwise specified. Fees for the publication of a large number of items may be negotiated.

We must caution you that the Walter Havighurst Special Collections does not own the copyright to most of the material in its collections, except in certain instances. Reproduction for publication purposes, therefore, is subject to your securing permission from persons, corporations, or other legal entities which may own or claim such rights under the copyright law. Under the law effective January 1, 1978, both published and unpublished works are protected by the copyright law. In addition to written works, the law also covers musical compositions, drama, pantomimes, choreography, pictures, graphics, sculpture, sound recordings, motion pictures, and other audiovisual creations. All responsibility for questions of copyright that may arise in the use made of copies of our material must be assumed by the applicant. All requests for permission to publish copyrighted material must be accompanied by a letter of permission from the copyright owner.

The following credit line is required if material from The Walter Havighurst Special Collections is published:  From the Walter Havighurst Special Collections, Miami University Libraries, Oxford, Ohio.

*Publication includes print and/or digital distribution, audio-visual media, and musical and/or theatrical productions. Permission must be obtained for any publication, whether commercial, scholarly or nonprofit.