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Engaging Student Scholars: Instruction in Special Collections

One of Miami University’s greatest assets is its extraordinary collection of more than 65,000 rare books, manuscripts, archival collections and other unique primary source materials.  We believe these materials are here to be used and students who visit Special Collections are introduced to performing research in a special collections environment and learn the skills needed to identify, interpret, and think critically about a wide range of primary source materials, including nineteenth century letters and diaries, early modern printed books, and twentieth century political posters.  Class sessions in Special Collections are adapted to the class needs and we offer several approaches to instruction based on encouraging, contextualizing, authenticating, and investigating historical documents.  Overviews of our collections on specific subject areas and basic instruction on locating primary sources in Special Collections are also available.  If you are interested in using special collections materials to enhance your class instruction, consider partnering with a Special Collections staff member to plan a visit to Special Collections and/or design a learning activity that incorporates our rich collections.

 “The lesson my students take away from Special Collections is the single most important thing I hope all students learn at college: how to tease out the strong and often subterranean connections between texts, ideas, and ideologies.” ~ Dr. Claire Goldstein, Associate Professor, Department of French and Italian

To schedule a visit or to discuss how we can help incorporate primary sources into your class, please contact us:

William Modrow, Head of Special Collections & Archives

513-529-2024, modrowwm@miamioh.edu

 Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options for a class visit?

The following are possible options for your class session in Special Collections, but sessions can be designed from scratch according to the needs of the course:

Option 1

An introduction to curated special collections materials on a particular topic with an in-class assignment, hands-on activity or assisted research time (usually more than one session)

Option 2

An introduction to curated special collections materials on a particular topic with students returning individually to use materials on reserve

Option 3

A general introduction to special collections with selected highlights

Can students handle the materials?

Yes, we encourage hands-on activities with our materials that empower students to become confident and responsible scholars.  We provide a general orientation to the care and handling of the materials and some materials may have handling restrictions.

How many students can I bring?

We can accommodate up to 35 students easily, but we can investigate other options for larger classes.

Can I put Special Collections materials on reserve for students to use in the reading room outside of their class time?

Yes, we often keep materials on reserve for classes.  When using materials in our reading room, students will need to register as researchers and follow reading room procedures.

Can materials be made available online?

None of the materials may leave Special Collections, but depending on the items we may be able to digitize them and make them available online for classes, projects, and research. Restrictions may include: the condition of the material, the extent of the material, copyright restrictions, and time limitations, so please notify us as soon as possible if you are interested in having Special Collections materials be digitized. Technology support and software recommendations (e.g. Omeka) for online exhibits and projects are also available.

How do I schedule a class?

Please contact us as far in advance of your class as possible to avoid scheduling conflicts.  Please provide a copy of the class syllabus for planning and selection purposes, along with a head count for the visit.  We also encourage a preview meeting between the professor and librarian to preview materials and discuss the learning objectives of the class and how best to achieve them.


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