Guidelines for Use of Materials

The Walter Havighurst Special Collections are primarily intended for the use of students and faculty at Miami University but researchers outside the University are welcome. All users are required to complete a brief registration procedure and present valid photo identification (e.g., driver’s license, student ID, etc.). Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to Special Collections, but researchers from out of town are encouraged to contact staff in advance to confirm hours and the availability of materials.

Special Collections is a closed-stacks library. All requested materials are retrieved by staff and may be used only in the Special Collections Reading Room. A Reading Room attendant is available to assist researchers and ensure the proper use of the materials.

Laptops, paper, and pencils are permitted in the Reading Room. All other personal items, including laptop cases and non-essential accessories, must be placed in the adjacent lockers; tokens are available from the Reading Room attendant to secure the locker. Pencils will be provided if needed. Papers necessary for research may be taken into the Reading Room but must be reviewed by the attendant. Papers for notes may be inspected upon the completion of the visit, at the discretion of the staff. Food and drink are not permitted.

Only one book may be used at a time, unless direct textual comparison is necessary. Library staff will provide supports, cradles, and weights for books and/or gloves for photographs. Magnifying glasses are available upon request.

The order and arrangement of manuscripts and unbound materials must be preserved. Apparent irregularities should be called to the attention of the staff. Only one folder of manuscripts should be removed from the box at a time and should be returned to the box before removing another. Patrons found to be careless in handling materials may be denied further access.

Reproduction is permitted with the approval of the Reading Room attendant. More information is available in our Reproduction Policy.

Please see our Publication Policy for information on obtaining permission to cite or publish materials held in Special Collections.

The use of scanners and digital cameras are permitted with the completion of the appropriate Request Form.