Below is a list of our available publications, including the donation we ask for each. To order by mail we ask for an additional $5.00 per volume for shipping and handling. Be sure to include the name and address where the items(s) are to be shipped. Please make checks payable to: Miami University Libraries.
Our mailing address is:
The Walter Havighurst Special Collections
Miami University Libraries
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Oxford, OH 45056

  • Finding Freedom: Memorializing the Voices of Freedom Summer edited by Jacky Johnson; available for purchase from the Miami University Press. $20.00.
  • Western College For Women by Jacqueline Johnson. $21.99
  • “There Can Never Come a Second Home Half so Sacred”: Selected Documents of Miami University, 1873-1931 Edited by Betsy Butler; foreword by Kate Rousmaniere. $10.00
  • “With Sentiments of Respect and Affection”; Letters of Old Miami 1809-1873 Edited by Betsy Butler; foreword by Andrew Cayton. $10.00
  • History of the Miami University Libraries by Elizabeth H. Baer. hardback $25.00, paperback $16.00
  • Murder in the Stacks by Marion Boyd Havighurst. $5.00 (copies also available at the Smith History Library, Lane Public Libraries, Oxford)
  • You Have Nothing to Learn from Me: A literary relationship between George Bernard Shaw & Rodolfo Usigli by Ramón Layera & Katie Gibson; foreword by J. Kerry Powell. $8.99
  • The Impostor, a Play for Demagogues by Rodolfo Usigli; translated from the Spanish by Ramón Layera. $15.00
  • Men Call Me Lucky: Mark Twain and the Pennsylvania by Edgar M. Branch. $20.00
  • Steamboats on the Inland Rivers John H. White, Jr. $5.00
  • Collection of Recipes from the Miami University Libraries Staff. $8.00
  • Footpaths & Bridges: Voices From the Native American Women Playwrights Archive by Shirley A. Huston-Findley and Rebecca Howard. $75.00
  • Performing Worlds Into Being: Native American Women’s Theater edited by Ann Elizabeth Armstrong, Kelli Lyon Johnson, and William A. Wortman. $30.00

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New digital storytelling longform now available for our 2015 Spring Exhibit The Ready Ones: American Children, World War II, and Propaganda!

Mark your calendars! Spring Exhibit Reception Tuesday, March 17, 4-6 p.m., King Library. Free and open to the public.

Our 2015 Spring Exhibit The Ready Ones: American Children, World War II, and Propaganda is now open!