NAWPA: Average Family Synopsis

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Average Family
by Larissa FastHorse

Nathan Roubidoux: 40, Native American.
Debra Roubidoux: 40, Native American.
Marshel Roubidoux: 14, Native American.
Mikenzie Roubidoux: 10, Native American.
Mikal’ Roubidoux: 6, Native American.
Rodney Monroe: 38, Caucasian.
Jonathan Monroe: 12 (but big), Caucasian.
Luke Monroe: (but big), Caucasian.
Sarah Monroe: 8, Caucasian.
Jack Park: 50ish, Caucasian

Roubidoux living room
Minnesota prairie
Wooded area near pond

The Roubidouxs, an urban American Indian family living in Minneapolis, and the Monroes, a back-to-nature clan from Northern Minnesota, sign up to face-off in a reality TV show that promises a brand new vehicle as the prize. Their challenge is to survive for three months as an 1840s frontier family on the Minnesota prairie, and they’ve been given roles to play. The Roubidouxs assignment is to portrary the “Indians.” Both families embark on an adventure fraught with laughable predicaments and harrowing incidents–all of which is caught on the confession cam! In the end. when one family reconnects with their Dakota culture, it leads to startling revelations for all, inspiring the true spirit of generosity.
Licensing for this play is available through Plays for Young Audiences,, or 612.872.5108.
Production history
Children’s Theatre Company (Minneapolis) World Premier
September 7, 20087
Directed by Peter Brosius

Synopsis written by the author.