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Arkeketa, Annette

Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Oklahoma and Muscogee Creek
Plays in the Archive
Hokti HOKTI has been performed by the Tulsa Indian Actors’ Workshop, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the Thunderbird Theatre, Haskell Indian Nations University, Lawrence, Kansas.
Ghost Dance: Play In the summer of 1999, the actors from the Tulsa Indian Actors’ Workshop (TIAW) read GHOST DANCE. Elizabeth Theobald conducted TIAW’s 2000-2001 workshop and directed the production by TIAW in their 2001-2002 production schedule.

Baker, Marie Annharte

Salteaux Ojibway
Plays in the Archive
Cannibal Woman Camp Out (2007, typescript, 10 pp.) One Act. 6W.
Other publications
Being on the Moon: Poems. Winlaw, BC: Polestar Press, 1990
Exercises in Lip Pointing: Poems. Vancouver: New Star Books, 2003
“Lousy Woman.” In Performing Worlds into Being: Native American Women’s Theater. Ed. Ann Elizabeth Armstrong, Kelli Lyon Johnson, and William A. Wortman. Oxford, OH: Miami University Press, 2009.
Albeit Aboriginal (play)

Borst, Murielle

Kuna, Rappahannock
Plays in the Archive
More Than Feathers and Beads (typescript).
Other publications
“More Than Feathers and Beads.” In Staging Coyote’s Dream. Vol. II.. Ed. Ric Knowles and Monique Mojica. Toronto: Playwrights Canada Press, 2009.

Cheechoo, Shirley

Plays in the Archive
Your Dream Was Mine., with Greta Cheechoo, 1994.(typescript,56 pp.) One act. 2W 1″Woodpecker”.
Other publications
Path with No Mocassins. 1991
Tangled Sheets
Nanabush of the 80s, with Alanis King, Ken Charolotte.
Feather Leaves
Respect the Voice of a Childwith Billy Merasty.
Shadow People
Nothing Personal, with Alanis King.
Bear Woman
Listen to the Elders
River of Life
Hockey Moms
Playwrights Union of Canada
Agent: (416) 408-3304

Clements, Marie

Plays in the Archive
Age of Iron, (typescript, 81 pp.) Three acts. 7W 7M 4M/W Chorus.
The Girl Who Swam Forever, Revised draft, 1/03/97 (typescript, 31 pp.) One act. 2W 2M. Synopsis.
Now Look What You Made Me Do, (typescript, 36 pp.) One act. 5W 4M 1G. Synopsis.
Urban Tattoo, (typescript, 81 pp.Working draft (typescript, 16 pp.). One act. 1W. Productions: Native Voices in New York, August 1996; Women in View Festival, Vancouver, BC, February 26 and March 1, 1998. Production notice.
Other publications
“The Unnatural and Accidental Women”. Canadian Theatre Review no. 101 (Winter 2000): 53-88.
“The Age of Iron” (excerpt). Taking the Stage: Selections from Plays by Canadian Women. Ed. Cynthia Zimmerman. Toronto: Playwrights Canada Press, 1995.
The Unnatural and Accidental Women. Vancouver: Talon Books, 2005.
Burning Vision. Vancouver: Talon Books, 2003.
“Age of Iron.” In DraMetis: Three Metis Plays. Penticton, BC: Theytus Books, 2001. Pp. 192-273.
Articles, Reviews, Links
Gilbert, Reid. “‘Shine on Us, Grandmother Moon’: Coding in Canadian First Nations Drama.” Theatre Research International 21, no. 1 (1996): 24.
Hopkins, Zoe Leigh. “Well-Written, Well-Performed Tragic Tale.” Rev. of The Unnatural and Accidental Women Raven’s Eye 4, no. 7 (November 2000): 7.
Lin, Brian. “Tuning into Humanity with Burning Vision.” Rev. of Burning Vision. Raven’s Eye5, no. 1 (April 2002): 8.
Gilbert, Reid. Marie Clements’s The Unnatural and Accidental Women: ‘Denaturalizing’ Genre.” Theatre Research in Canada/Recherches Theatrales au Canada 24, no. 1-2 (2003): 125-46.
Read, Jennifer. “Marie Clements’s Monstrous Visions.” Canadian Theatre Review no. 120 (Fall 2004): 19-23.
“Museum Commissions Metis Playwright.” American Indian Report 20, no. 5 (February 2004): 5.

Coatlicue Theatre Company

Hortensio Colorado, Elvira Colorado
Plays in the Archive
Open Wounds on Tlalteucli, 16 Scenes. 30 pages. 2W.
Open Wounds on Tlalteucli, New World Theatre, Amherst, MA, October 1994. Videorecording.
Other publications
1992 Blood Speaks. In Contemporary Plays by Women of Color: An Anthology, Ed. Kathy A. Perkins and Roberta Uno. London: Routledge, 1996. Pp. 82-89.
A Traditional Kind of Woman: too Much, Not ‘Nuff. 1994.
1992: Blood Speaks. 1992.
Huipil. 1993.
Coyolxauhqui: Women without Borders 1990.
La LLorona (The Wailing Woman).
Tlatilco (The Place Where Things Are Hidden)
“Issues of Race and Class.” In International Women Playwrights: Voices of Identity and Transformations. Proceedings of the First International Women Playwrights Conference, October 18-23, 1988. Ed. Anna Kay France and P. J. Corso. Metuchen: Scarecrow, 1993. Pp. 173-88.
Coatlicue Theatre Company
85 Kenmare Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 431-1666

Cooper, Baba

Blackfeet, Sioux, Oneida
Plays in the Archive
The Gathering, Two acts. 72 pp. 8W 1M plus dancers. The Gathering Synopsis