NAWPA: Face in the Mirror Synopsis

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Face in the Mirror
JudyLee Olivia

An Old Woman
A Young Woman

Small waiting room of a dentist’s office. Muzak is heard throughout.

Face in the Mirror is a two character ten-minute play set in a dentist’s office waiting room. The two characters, known only as An Old Woman and A Young Woman, engage in a conversation which centers around the fears and perspectives of youth and age. As the conversation progresses, the play moves out of reality into another realm, where we learn why both women are in the dentist’s office. Both sad and funny, this easily produced play explores how one event in a woman’s life has changed her forever.

Production history: Produced as part of the New One Act Play Festival by Her Acting Group (HAG) in Denver, CO., March 3-18, 2000.

Synopsis written by the author.