NAWPA: Harvest Ceremony Synopsis

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Harvest Ceremony: Beyond the Thanksgiving Myth
by Martha Kreipe de Montano

Matt White Cloud: Grade school student who travels through time in his dream.
Theresa White Cloud: Matt’s mother. Becomes Elder Sister dream scene.
Bill White Cloud: Matt’s father. Becomes Massasoit in dream scene.
Aunt Molly: Becomes Younger Sister in dream scene.
Narrator: Spirit of the Past.

New York City apartment which will transform into a 17th century Wampanoag village.
A few days before Thanksgiving and just after dinner, a Wampanoag family discusses what the holiday means to Native Americans. However, Matt’s still left with a question on his mind: What really happened at the first Thanksgiving? His question is answered when a spirit visits him in his dreams and takes him on a journey to experience “Beyond the Myth.”

Synopsis written by J. Barnett 9/23/97.