NAWPA: Jump Kiss Synopsis

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Jump Kiss
by Diane Glancy

Jump Kiss can be read by one voice, or two other voices can read the parts of the overstuffed arm-chair and the kitchen chair, pages 15 and 42. There’s another voice on page 16, and the man on the Greyhound bus, page 58. Or different voices can read the different ages of the narrator.

Diane Glancy, in her Working Notes for Jump Kiss, writes. “Jump Kiss rides upon plates like the earth’s crust. . . . [It] is a search for definition of self, fragmented by memory, buckling events, pushing one under another. Disordering the landscape in other words.” Poetic in nature, Jump Kiss shifts between seven Plates each broken into pieces of thought/idea/and recollection and connected by the return of distant and not so distant memories. And as these plates shift we are moved amongst memories of a family woven together by fragments of life, like a collection of rocks, and torn apart by death, loss of love and a search for self. Glancy’s play for voices, or “voice fragments” as she calls them, slides and buckles amongst the issues of life, colliding between past and present, pain and joy.

Synopsis written by S. Huston-Findley.