NAWPA: Pauline and Emily, Two Women Synopsis

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Pauline and Emily, Two Women
by Janet Rogers

E. Pauline Johnson
Emily Carr
Ralph, park attendant
The story, “Pauline and Emily, Two Women,” is based on real life characters, Miss E. Pauline Johnson, Mohawk poetess, and Miss Emily Carr, West Coast painter of British roots. The two women encounter one another while canoeing on the waters of English Bay, in Vancouver, British Columbia, where the characters actually resided for a period in their lives. Both women had a love for the Native life in the early 1900s and expressed this in their individual mediums. Both women lived in a time when there were were more than a few challenges experienced by women artists. However, given their commonalities, their strong wills and independent natures bring them into adventurous circumstances teaching them lessons in courage and friendship. (description by Janet Rogers) .