NAWPA: Tofa Samoa Synopsis

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Tofa Samoa
by Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl

Sela: Eleven year old girl from Samoa.
Tanu: Sela’s twelve year old brother.
Grandmother: of Sela and Tanu.
Chorus: Three m/f.

The action moves back and forth from Sela and Tanu’s village in Samoa to the hustle of Honolulu.

Tofa Samoa (“Goodbye Samoa”) is the story of 11 year old Sela and her 12 year old brother Tanu, whose family decides to moce from Samoa to Honolulu. Through the character of their grandmother, who remains behind in Samoa, but whose stories and memories Tanu and Sela carry with them to Honolulu, the young people learn to draw pride and strength from their heritage to help them cope with their new life. Understanding how important family and heritage are in each of our lives, and how pride in those factors can help us through the most difficult times, are ideas which serve as the basis for the play.

Synopsis written by J. Barnett 9/23/97.