NAWPA: Weaving the Rain Synopsis

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Weaving the Rain
by Dianne Yeahquo Reyner

Synopsis by the author.
The Two Crow family must unravel the wall of silences and secrets that prevent them from taking their place as a family. They are called to the hospital as the father is brought in by ambulance. These trips have become routine because of the father’s physical deterioration from cirrhosis. However, this will be his last trip to the hospital.
Trapped in the waiting room, this family is also trapped by history and the choices they have made. Each person feels isolated and angry in the life they feel forced to lead. As the night progresses they are guided by the spirit of the Old Man and the spirit of the oldest son, Roy. As the family begins to purge the poisons from their lives, they realize that they are never alone, and never fogotten. The family comes to understand that their survival is founded in the strength of the land and their culture.

July 2007