NAWPA: Sky Woman Festival

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November 3 – 21, 1999, New York City
Plays at Henry Street Settlement, 466 Pitt Street.
Readings at American Indian Community House, 708 Broadway.
Reservations info: (212) 465-3399.
Theater tickets $12, readings are free.

Preliminary Schedule:

  • 11/3 8:30 pm AICH poetry reading benefit night, featuring Marcie Rendon.
  • 11/4-11/7 Sara & Susie at Henry Steet 8pm w/weekend 2pm matinees.
  • 11/10 Songcatcher by Marcie Rendon: reading at AICH.
  • 11/11-11/14 Moonlodge by Margo Kane.
  • 11/17 lecture by Margo Kane.
  • 11/18-21 The Lesser Wars.

Promotional statement from Voice & Vision:
“Sky Woman Festival is the first annual Native American & Aboriginal women in theater festival in New York City. The Sky Woman Festival celebrates contemporary Native American & Aboriginal women in theater, from throughout North America including artists from the Yukon to Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The Sky Woman Festival takes its name from an Iroquois creation myth.

Sky Woman floated to earth from the heavens. The only existing animals on earth were all water-dwelling creatures that created a dry place for Sky Woman to land which is now North America. Sky Woman gave birth to twins, the Good Spirit and the Bad Spirit. The Good Spirit created the other animals and the rivers and the hills. Everything the Good Spirit created the Bad Spirit tried to destroy, until the Good Spirit finally challenged his brother to fight to see who would rule the earth. The Good Spirit won and banished his wicked brother to a dark cave under the earth. Sky Woman had died giving birth to her sons, and the Good Spirit fashioned the sun, moon and stars from her body. All living things find nourishment from the soil, where the rest of her body is buried.

LOCATIONS the historical, Henry Street Settlement, Abrons Art Center Located at 466 Grand Street (at Pitt Street)
Easily accessible by subway (D, B, Q, J, M & F), bus (M9, M14, M15, M22 & B39) and by car.

American Indian Community House (AICH)
Located at 708 Broadway, 8th Floor
Easily accessible by subway (N, R, 5, 6), bus and by car.

RESERVATIONS INFORMATION: Call Voice & Vision at 212-465-3399 Theatre tickets are $12. Readings are Free. 25% discount on tickets for Henry Street Settlement Abrons Arts Center members. Subsidized tickets to students, seniors, & Native community group organizations.
All performances are subject to change without notice. Please call 212-465-3399 for further information.