Miami University

Bleriot Lamarre Collection: This collection includes letters written by Bleriot Lamarre to Mildred Readnower during their courtship and his senior year at Miami University; letters written between the couple from March to June 1939; newspaper articles and manuscript items related to the Lamarres’ involvement in the trial concerning Bennett E. Meyers’ income tax evasion; diaries kept by Bleriot Lamarre from 1964 through 1975; and scrapbooks documenting Readnower’s trip to the 20th biennial convention of Beta Sigma Omicron in Pasadena, California, July 1-4, 1931 and the Lamarres’ activities in California, June-December 1939 and their trip back to Dayton in January 1940.

Cradle of Coaches Archive: Miami University has been called the Cradle of Coaches. Each of the following was a Miami player and sometimes also a coach or assistant coach at Miami. The Archive includes playbooks, correspondence, memorabilia, photographs, posters, artifacts, and/or papers of many coahces, including: Weeb Ewbank, Paul Brown, Carm Cozza, Sid Gilman, Bo Schembechler, and Randy Walker.

David Basset Snow Collection: This collection features letters written by David Basset Snow to his brother, Joseph C. Snow, from 1854 to 1868. Letters describe Snow’s life as a student at Miami University, his first job as a teacher, his experiences as a soldier during the Civil War, and his study of law after being mustered out of the service.

John B. Ballinger Collection: This collection includes correspondence of the John B. Ballinger family between 1904 and 1908, essays and poetry written by John Ballinger, invitations to Horace Ballinger’s graduation from Versailles High School and Miami University, John Ballinger’s diary kept between 1930 and 1939, and other family documents.

John W. Browne Collection: The collection includes correspondence, receipts, resolutions, financial documents, and miscellaneous items pertaining to John Browne’s mission to secure donations of money and books for Miami University.

Manuscript Diaries Collection: This collection includes diaries written from 1835-1892, focusing on life at Miami University and the Civil War. Authors include: Joe Bogue, Nanncy Mae Coppock, David Spence, Edward Morrow, Nelson Wiley Evans, Thomas B. Marshall, Joseph Cannan Smith, Jerome B. Falconer, and Joel Buttles.

William Holmes McGuffey and the McGuffey Readers: 120 manuscript letters, contracts + four volumes of an unpublished manuscript believed to be by William Holmes McGuffey on moral philosophy (one volume believed to be completely in McGuffey’s hand). These papers cover the time period 1814-1955, the bulk between 1826-1874, in three archival boxes + more than 300 editions of the McGuffey readers and spellers.