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A monthly series of posts from the Head of Special Collections.

Head’s Up: A Family Affair

This summer we are highlighting one of our major collections in our main exhibit: Covington’s Cincinnati: The Samuel Fulton Covington Collection (June 4-Aug 1). I have had the pleasure of collaborating on this exhibit with John H. (Jack) White, MU ’58

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Head’s Up: The Value of Special Collections

  “How much is it worth?” That’s often the first question we’re asked about materials in Special Collections, and when people ask that question they’re really asking about market value – the monetary value an item has in the marketplace.

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Head’s Up: Traveling with Victorians

Late last year a new book by Dr. John H. “Jack” White, Jr. (MU ’58) was published by the Indiana University Press.  Wet Britches and Muddy Boots: A History of Travel in Victorian America is noteworthy for many reasons, as

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Head’s Up: The End of an Era

Dean Judith A. Sessions has announced her retirement at the end of December 2012, concluding a remarkable career of leading the Miami University Libraries for nearly 25 years. When Dean Sessions arrived in Oxford in March of 1988, an enormous

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Head’s Up: The Kindness of Strangers

In the course of preparing for an upcoming talk to the McGuffey Museum Volunteers, I’ve been reminded that some aspects of the academic enterprise never change: in this case, fundraising. Both the University and the University Libraries have relied upon

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Head’s Up: On the 20th Century

To those of us of “a certain age,” the 20th century seems like yesterday. But to Miami students, and increasingly to Miami faculty, it is an era worthy of historical research. This presents something of a challenge for Special Collections

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