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In Memoriam Justin C. Bridges

September 12, 1972 – August 2, 2019 Endeared Colleague, Beloved Friend

Exhibition Closing Reception

Friday May 10 5:00-6:30p King Library Rm 320

Black History Month Lecture 2/14/19 12:00 rm 320, King Library. Speaker Dr. Andy Rice

Collaboration between Special Collections and Undergraduates

Professor Lance Ingwersen’s course on (HST 470) Theater in the Americas 19-20th Century used our Native American Women’s Playwright Archives Collection (NAWPA) to complete a senior project. The students were introduced to the Archival Method, background on the NAWPA Collection and

My Life as an Intern: Farewell and Thank You

Hi, it’s Candace Pine here again – and for the final time. Today marks the last day of my internship at the Miami University Special Collections and Archives. I have finished up my required internship hours, and I will be

Preservation Week 2018

       April 22 – April 28, 2018   PRESERVATION WEEK In celebration of Preservation Week 2018, please stop and take a look at the display case located just outside the entry doors to the Walter Havighurst Special Collections