Author: Masha Stepanova

“Communism is the youth of the world…”: The newest addition to the collection of Russian materials

The most recent Russian acquisition in Special Collections is “MIUD” by Vladimir Mayakovsky, written in 1926 and published in 1930 by Gosudarstvennoe izdatel’stvo. It is a short children’s book in verse in the typical Mayakovsky style: bold, dramatic, and categorical.

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From the Stacks: Alexandre Benois

Recently I shifted the framed art in the André and Catherine de Saint-Rat collection, which drew my attention to how little this collection is known and used. In class presentations and private viewings I most often pull books and portfolios,

A Thursday discovery: Brezhnev poster

As the Slavic Librarian and the Cataloger, I get to spend one day each week in Special Collections, mostly cataloging Slavic materials in the de Saint-Rat collection, occasionally helping with other materials or tending the desk. I enjoy and am

Albums du Père Castor: “with that delicate gaiety which shows they come from the French…”

  The Père Castor Albums published by Flammarion in 1930s were a huge contribution to children’s literature, and not only in France. They were translated and reissued many times and many generations in many countries remember their animal and nature

From the Stacks: Rovinskii, D. A. Russkiia Narodnyia Kartinki, 1881.

The modernist movement of the beginning of the 20th century is the usual subject of my blog entries and, to be honest, the subject that I am attracted to the most. However, my recent discovery of D.A. Rovinskii’s seminal work

Soviet Children’s Book Illustration Reform: Vladimir Lebedev (1891-1967)

Vladimir Lebedev is considered the greatest reformer and the most prolific and successful children’s book illustrator in the Soviet Union. Many generations of Soviet and post-Soviet children were raised on the works of this brilliant and versatile painter. Illustration wasn’t