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Renovation Continues: A Peek Behind the Curtain

We want to share some of the progress that has being made on the new Special Collections and Archives facility. Special Collections continues to be open during the renovation, though we do not have access to some of our collections.

Renovation Has Begun

Renovation of the third floor of King Library has begun. Offices around the perimeter of the floor were moved and the demolition of walls has been completed. In Special Collections we started physically preparing for the renovation last July. We

Moving the Gym

The Miami University Archives has a sizable collection of glass negatives. The pictures are fascinating, but one caught my eye. In 1915 Board of Trustees minutes, the board discusses the will of Laura Louise Ogden Whaling. Mrs. Whaling’s brother, George

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Mystery in the Vault: Ethiopian Prayer Book

You can skip straight to the prayer book by clicking here As librarians we always want to know as much as possible about every book we have. But sometimes that is not always possible. One of my favorite ‘mysteries’ that

Civil War Connections

In the archive, you never know what treasure is waiting to be discovered. I found this book the other day. I thought I had found another autograph book, but when I opened it up I was amazed to find a

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Creative Codex: Exhibit Preparation

The fall exhibit in Special Collections, Creative Codex: Books as Art in the Walter Havighurst Special Collections, was created to harmonize with Miami University’s year of Creativity and Innovation. As the Preservation Librarian, I have spent countless hours assisting the