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On April 19, 2014, John Harbaugh became the most recent inductee into the Cradle of Coaches. Read about the induction ceremony here or view the highlights here.

John Harbaugh’s coaching tree.

Cradle of Coaches: A Legacy of Excellence
Cradle of Coaches: A Miami University Libraries Longform Project

Eight archival boxes.

Miami University: The Cradle of Coaches

Miami University has been called the Cradle of Coaches. Each of the following was a Miami player and sometimes also a coach or assistant coach at Miami. The Archive includes playbooks, correspondence, memorabilia, photographs, posters, artifacts, and/or papers of:

      • Weeb Ewbank (coach of the Baltimore Colts [1954-1962] and New York Jets [1963-1973])
      • Paul Brown (coach at Ohio State [1941-43] and for the Cleveland Browns [1946-1962] and Cincinnati Bengals [1968-1975])
      • Carmen Cozza (coach at Yale [1965-1996])
      • Sid Gilman (coach of the Los Angeles Rams [1955-1960], San Diego Chargers [1961-1971], and the Houston Oilers [1973-1974])
      • Bo Schembechler (coach at Miami University [1963-1968] and the University of Michigan [1969-1989])
      • Randy Walker (coach at Miami University [1990-1999] and Northwestern University [1999- 2006])
A football team of coaches, 1970

A football team of coaches, 1970

Paul Brown Finding Aid (pdf)
Weeb Ewbank Finding Aid (pdf)
Sid Gillman Finding Aid (pdf)
Bob Kurz Finding Aid (pdf)
Ted Patterson Finding Aid (pdf)
John Pont Finding Aid (pdf)
Players and Coaches Finding Aid (pdf)
Sports Information Finding Aid (pdf)

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