Collaboration between Special Collections and Undergraduates

Professor Lance Ingwersen’s course on (HST 470) Theater in the Americas 19-20th Century used our Native American Women’s Playwright Archives Collection (NAWPA) to complete a senior project.

The students were introduced to the Archival Method, background on the NAWPA Collection and then explored the collection.  They create posts with their papers.

The Students:


Download (PDF, 192KB)

Alisha Boykin 

Download (PDF, 167KB)

Addison Caruso 

Download (PDF, 119KB)

Sarah Childs 

Download (PDF, 292KB)


Download (PDF, 220KB)

Joe Howard 

Download (PDF, 289KB)


Download (PDF, 119KB)

Adler Smith 

Download (PDF, 107KB)

Mac Telle 

Download (PDF, 364KB)


Download (PDF, 393KB)

Lindsay Wantuck 

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