Happy Homecoming! Happy Hobbit Day!

To all Miami alums, welcome back!

This weekend the statue of Coach Paul Brown will be unveiled in the Cradle of Coaches Plaza; in honor of the occasion we have a display of Paul Brown materials from the Cradle of Coaches Collection in the case outside Special Collections, on the 3rd floor of King Library. (Because the case is outside our secure area, these are facsimiles of the originals.) We hope you can stop by and enjoy the display as you stroll about on this beautiful fall weekend – before or after the game, of course. Go Redhawks!

And, as if that weren’t enough reason to celebrate, 75 years ago today (Friday) J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit was published. Tolkien, a professor at Oxford University, created an incredibly rich, strange, yet familiar mythic world that we still enjoy exploring: hence the upcoming film trilogy from Peter Jackson.

Special Collections is proud to possess a first edition of The Hobbit in our collection, although sadly lacking the dustjacket. Last year it was one of the most popular selections by students assigned to analyze a modern first edition for an English 490 class.

Whether you are journeying through your own college memories or adventuring out of the Shire in search of dragons, the staff of Special Collections wish you a wonderful weekend.

Elizabeth Brice
Assistant Dean for Technical Services and
Head, Special Collections & Archives