Head’s Up: The End is the Beginning

I can always tell it’s the end of the school year by my level of fatigue, and this year is no exception. But otherwise it’s hard to believe that we’ve reached Finals Week and another class of students will soon depart Miami.

It’s a time of year when we think about transitions. In Special Collections we have to say good-bye to two outstanding graduate assistants, Brittany DelSignore and Adrienne Chudzinski. They’ve been key players on the staff, Adrienne for this past year, Brittany for the past two, and both have made significant contributions to our work. Adrienne will move on to work on her doctoral degree, and Brittany will jump into the “real world” of teaching. We’ll miss them, and we wish both every success in their new adventures.

And while we’re keeping her around for the summer, we’re also congratulating senior Kate Ceronie on her graduation. This fall Kate will be starting graduate work in library science, the latest in a series of Special Collections students to enter the profession. We’re excited for her, we know she’ll do well in grad school, and we know she’ll make a great librarian.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the changes happening on campus, in our communities, and around the world. When the people around us change, we can be left feeling a little lost. Sometimes these changes leave spaces in our lives difficult to fill. But next fall there will be new students on campus, new students in Special Collections, and the cycle of life at Miami will continue. And every spring, as Walter Havighurst wrote in The Miami Years, “the redbud blooms among the white sycamore trunks along the Tallawanda.”

This year they were especially beautiful.

Elizabeth Brice
Assistant Dean for Technical Services and
Head, Special Collections & Archives