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From the Stacks: Nikolas Issaïev

Nikolas Issaïev (Nikolai Isaev) is a relatively unknown Russian illustrator and theater artist despite his many exhibitions in the 1920s and into the 1960s, as well as his prolific illustration work and associations with other Russian émigré artists in France,

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André and Catherine de Saint-Rat

Miami University’s history is rich in interesting characters, legends, and traditions. Few will argue that André de Saint-Rat wasn’t one of them. His teaching methods acquired mythological qualities over the years and some still remember standing outside of his classroom

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From the stacks: NTS, we need to talk!

The National Alliance of Russian Solidarists (Natsional’no/Narodno Trudovoi Soiuz rossiiskikh solidaristov), or NTS, is one of the least known anti-bolshevik organizations behind one of the most influential movements. Formed as a youth group in Belgrade in 1930, it sustained many

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“To the dear comrade, fallen for the idea of Anarchism…”

Many people associate Special Collections with old, rare books. Some know that they don’t have to be old to qualify, but still expect to see books here. I, however, never know what I’ll find in our collection: money, statuettes, novelty

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From the Stacks: “Officers” by Anton Denikin

After the Russian Revolution, 1917-1921, many protesters of the new Soviet government left Russia, hoping for its fall. France was one of the more popular places for officers of the fallen anti-bolshevik White army, writers, artists, gentry, and intellectuals. Two

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From the Stacks: From the Library of Nicholas II

Ex libris as an art form has been around for at least six centuries. It usually takes the shape of an ornate paper bookplate pasted on the inside of the cover and identifying the owner of the book in an

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