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The American Game

Walt Whitman may once have said something along the lines of “I see great things in baseball. It’s our game, the American game. It will repair our losses and be a blessing to us.” It can be risky when one

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Show Me The Awesome: New Kid on the Blog

Show Me The Awesome: 30 Days of Self-Promotion is an initiative by Sophie Brookover, Liz Burns, and Kelly Jensen to encourage librarian bloggers to think and talk about self-promotion. You can follow the series with the tag #30awesome on Twitter,

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ABC for Book Collectors: Fore-Edge Painting

For anyone who has an interest in books, bookbinding, and book collecting, John Carter’s ABC For Book Collectors is an invaluable resource. It has long been established as the most informative reference book on the subject. With over 490 alphabetical

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